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In Search of Precision: Paisley in Progress

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on May 17, 2012 by Laura Paull

Still very much in progress — this is the first in an envisioned quartet of color-themed foot-square pieces in exploration of the paisley motif.  Because they are so small I have had to break the glass into pieces as tiny as a baby’s fingernail, and I often feel more like a dentist than an artist as I pick the tesserae up with a curved dental tweezer in order to place them. 

All I am after is to create something utterly pleasing to the eye, and in this case, beauty requires absolute precision. This is hard for me; it is a discipline, a practice – not joyful experiment. But the vision of what I want has taken possession of me and I bend my neck to the devotion, or end goal.

I have discovered one thing about myself already: it is nearly impossible for me to repeat a pattern. Fully aware that the beauty of a paisley design depends on repetition — every paisley Image

shape I fill comes out different. I struggle mightily to bring this necessary element into the process, and feel that I am failing. In this way, experimentation raises its indomitable head. We’ll see what wins out.